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*Usage Policy and Licensing of the voice library and character 岡流イツト*


The voicebank Okaru Itsuto is provided by codyboyo. 

Do not impersonate the voice provider and/or plagiarize the copyright. 

Okaru Itsuto 
© codyboyo 2019. All rights reserved. 

Users shall not sell as well as redistribute the voicebank Okaru Itsuto without the consent of codyboyo, regardless of partially or in totality. The prohibition of redistribution will not be applied to the instances of adjusting the frequency table (frq files) and/or voice setup (oto.ini). Users may alter and redistribute them. 

Users will not sell the works utilizing the voicebank and/or character Okaru Itsuto for commercial purposes without consent. When you distribute the works utilizing the voicebank and/or character of Okaru Itsuto, you have to acquire earlier consent from codyboyo. 

Users shall not utilize the voicebank and/or character Okaru Itsuto in the best approach to slander codyboyo as well as any third person/party, and/or to abuse the privileges of codyboyo.

Users will not utilize the voicebank and/or character Okaru Itsuto in the way to violate laws and ordinances, and/or to be offensive to public order and morals (e.g. promoting criminal activity and/or suicide).

Also users shall not upload the works using the voicebank and/or character Okaru Itsuto onto the website which promotes the criminal activities, regardless of the nature of the works. 

Sexual expression using the character Okaru Itsuto is permissible as long as they are not attacking any group or persons.

Political and/or religious expression using the character Okaru Itsuto is forbidden.

Creation of derivatives of the character Okaru Itsuto (genderbend, agebend, etc) are not permitted.

Creation of derivatives of the voicebank or other voicebanks created using Okaru Itsuto's voice (pitchloid etc) are not permitted.

Other than the prohibitions above, 
codyboyo may restrict the utilization of the voicebank Okaru Itsuto in the event that users utilize the voicebank in the wrong way. 

Users consent to conform to the utilization approach and authorizing above. 

codyboyo, the creator and the copyright holder of the voicebank and character Okaru Itsuto, approves the utilization of this voicebank and character under the condition that clients agree to this usage policy and licensing. This voicebank is free to use within the non-commercial purpose regardless of for private person, fan circle or commercial person. Prior/After acknowledgment to codyboyo is not necessarily required when you distribute the works using this voicebank and/or character for non-commercial purpose. 

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